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10.3 Aroon

The Aroon indicator by Tushar Chande shows the length of time since the highest or lowest close among the past N days’ closes. There are three lines: Aroon Up for the high, Aroon Down for the low, and the Aroon Oscillator.

Aroon Up and Down are both expressed as percentages 0 to 100. If today is a new N-day high then Aroon Up is 100, and for each day that passes (without a fresh N-day high) it drops by 100/N, down to 0 for no new highs in the past N days. Conversely for Aroon Down for new N-day lows.

The Aroon Oscillator is simply the difference between the Up and Down lines,

AroonOsc = AroonUp - AroonDown

In Chart the Up line is drawn in green, the down in red, and the oscillator in white.

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