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Index Entry  Section

!: Symbol Lists

%D stochastic: Stochastics
%F: Force Index
%F: Forecast Oscillator
%K stochastic: Stochastics
%R: Williams %R

--alerts: Invocation
--all: Invocation
--display: Invocation
--download: Invocation
--favourites: Invocation
--help: Invocation
--ticker: Invocation
--version: Invocation
--watchlist: Invocation

.AS: Yahoo Exchanges
.AX: Yahoo Exchanges
.BA: Yahoo Exchanges
.BC: Yahoo Exchanges
.BE: Yahoo Exchanges
.BI: Yahoo Exchanges
.BM: Yahoo Exchanges
.BO: Yahoo Exchanges
.CL: Yahoo Exchanges
.CO: Yahoo Exchanges
.D: Yahoo Exchanges
.DE: Yahoo Exchanges
.emacs: Emacs
.F: Yahoo Exchanges
.FQ: Finance Quote
.H: Yahoo Exchanges
.HA: Yahoo Exchanges
.HK: Yahoo Exchanges
.IL: Yahoo Exchanges
.JK: Yahoo Exchanges
.KL: Yahoo Exchanges
.KQ: Yahoo Exchanges
.KS: Yahoo Exchanges
.L: Yahoo Exchanges
.MA: Yahoo Exchanges
.MC: Yahoo Exchanges
.MF: Yahoo Exchanges
.MI: Yahoo Exchanges
.MLC: MLC Funds
.MU: Yahoo Exchanges
.MX: Yahoo Exchanges
.NS: Yahoo Exchanges
.NZ: New Zealand Stock Exchange
.NZ: Yahoo Exchanges
.OB: Yahoo Exchanges
.OL: Yahoo Exchanges
.PA: Yahoo Exchanges
.SA: Yahoo Exchanges
.SG: Yahoo Exchanges
.SI: Yahoo Exchanges
.ST: Yahoo Exchanges
.SW: Yahoo Exchanges
.TA: Yahoo Exchanges
.TSP: Thrift Savings Plan
.TW: Yahoo Exchanges
.TWO: Yahoo Exchanges
.V: Yahoo Exchanges
.VI: Yahoo Exchanges
.VX: Yahoo Exchanges

A: Annotations
Accumulation/distribution: Accumulation/Distribution
Accumulation/distribution, Williams: Williams Accumulation/Distribution
Accumulative swing index: Accumulative Swing Index
Adaptive laguerre filter: Laguerre Filter
Add-on indicators: Other Indicator Packages
ADX: Directional Movement Index
Alert levels: Annotations
Alert list: Annotations
Alerts list: Symbol Lists
All list: Symbol Lists
American Stock Exchange: Yahoo Exchanges
AMEX: Yahoo Finance
AMEX: Yahoo Exchanges
Amsterdam Stock Exchange: Yahoo Exchanges
Annotation locale: Internationalization
Annotations: Annotations
Appel, Gerard: MACD
Argentina: Yahoo Exchanges
Arms, Richard: Ease of Movement
Aroon: Aroon
ASI: Accumulative Swing Index
Asian characters in Emacs: Emacs
ATR: Average True Range
Australia: Yahoo Exchanges
Australian dollar: Reserve Bank of Australia
Australian Stock Exchange: Yahoo Exchanges
Austria: Yahoo Exchanges
Autoload chartprog.el: Emacs
Automation, download: Download
Average: View Style
Average: Bollinger Bands
Average: Kirshenbaum Bands
Average directional index: Directional Movement Index
Average true range: Average True Range
Average, double exponential: Double and Triple Exponential Moving Average
Average, double exponential: MASS Index
Average, endpoint: Endpoint Moving Average
Average, exponential: Exponential Moving Average
Average, fractal adaptive: Fractal Adaptive Moving Average
Average, Guppy multiple: Guppy Multiple Moving Average
Average, Kaufman adaptive: Kaufman Adaptive Moving Average
Average, least squares: Endpoint Moving Average
Average, modified: Endpoint Moving Average
Average, regularized exponential: Regularized Exponential Moving Average
Average, simple: Simple Moving Average
Average, sine weighted: Sine Weighted Moving Average
Average, triangular: Triangular Moving Average
Average, triple exponential: Double and Triple Exponential Moving Average
Average, triple exponential: TRIX
Average, variable index dynamic: Variable Index Dynamic Average
Average, volume weighted: Volume Weighted Moving Average
Average, weighted: Weighted Moving Average
Average, zero-lag exponential: Zero-Lag Exponential Moving Average
Averages: Averages
Averages: Indicators

Barcelona Stock Exchange: Yahoo Exchanges
Bash: Invocation
bash_completion: Invocation
BCBA: Yahoo Exchanges
Bear power: Elder Bull/Bear Power
Berlin Stock Exchange: Yahoo Exchanges
Bilbao Stock Exchange: Yahoo Exchanges
Blau, William: True Strength Index
Boerse Muenchen: Yahoo Exchanges
Boerse Stuttgart: Yahoo Exchanges
Bollinger bands: Bollinger Bands
Bollinger, John: Bollinger Bands
Bolsa de Barcelona: Yahoo Exchanges
Bolsa de Bilbao: Yahoo Exchanges
Bolsa Mexicana de Valores: Yahoo Exchanges
Bombay Stock Exchange: Yahoo Exchanges
Borsa Italiana: Yahoo Exchanges
Boxes: Channels and Boxes
Boxes, Darvas: Darvas Boxes
Brazil: Yahoo Exchanges
Bremen Stock Exchange: Yahoo Exchanges
BSE: Yahoo Exchanges
Buenos Aires Stock Exchange: Yahoo Exchanges
Bull power: Elder Bull/Bear Power
Button-1: Main Window
Button-2: Annotations
Button-3: Cross

C: Cross
Calcutta Stock Exchange: Yahoo Exchanges
Canada: Yahoo Exchanges
Canada: Yahoo Exchanges
Candles: View Style
CCI: Commodity Channel Index
Centre: Main Window
Centre of gravity oscillator: Centre of Gravity Oscillator
CG: Centre of Gravity Oscillator
Chaikin A/D oscillator: Chaikin Oscillator
Chaikin money flow: Chaikin Money Flow
Chaikin oscillator: Chaikin Oscillator
Chaikin, Marc: Accumulation/Distribution
Chaikin, Marc: Chaikin Money Flow
Chaikin, Marc: Chaikin Oscillator
Chande Momentum Oscillator: Chande Momentum Oscillator
Chande, Tushar: Variable Index Dynamic Average
Chande, Tushar: Aroon
Chande, Tushar: Chande Momentum Oscillator
Chande, Tushar: Forecast Oscillator
Chande, Tushar: Intraday Momentum Index
Chande, Tushar: R-Squared Index
Chande, Tushar: Trendscore
Channel, commodity index: Commodity Channel Index
Channel, Donchian: Donchian Channel
Channel, Keltner: Keltner Channel
Channels: Channels and Boxes
chart: Invocation
chart.bash: Invocation
chartprog-loaddefs.el: Emacs
chartprog.el: Emacs
CMO: Chande Momentum Oscillator
Coefficient of determination: R-Squared Index
Coefficient, correlation: R-Squared Index
Coefficient, regression: Linear Regression
COG: Centre of Gravity Oscillator
Command line: Invocation
Commodity channel index: Commodity Channel Index
Commodity name translations: Internationalization
Common calculations: Common Calculations
Completion, command line: Invocation
Conditions for copying: Copying
Control-!: Symbol Lists
Copenhagen Stock Exchange: Yahoo Exchanges
Coppock curve: Coppock Curve
Coppock, Edwin: Coppock Curve
Copying: Copying
COPYING: Copying
Copying, data: Copying
Correlation coefficient: R-Squared Index
Country codes: Internationalization
cron: Invocation
cron: Download
Cross: Cross
CSE: Yahoo Exchanges
Ctrl-C: Main Window
Ctrl-D: Main Window
Ctrl-I: Intraday
Ctrl-M: Main Window
Ctrl-U: Symbol Lists
Ctrl-U: Download
Ctrl-W: Main Window
Currencies: Yahoo Finance
Curve, Coppock: Coppock Curve

D: Annotations
Darryl Guppy: Guppy Multiple Moving Average
Darvas boxes: Darvas Boxes
Darvas, Nicholas: Darvas Boxes
Data copying: Copying
Data sources: Data Sources
Date format: Internationalization
Decimal point: Internationalization
DEMA: Double and Triple Exponential Moving Average
DeMark, Tom: TD Range Expansion Index
Denmark: Yahoo Exchanges
Detrended price oscillator: Detrended Price Oscillator
Deviation: Bollinger Bands
Deviation: Kirshenbaum Bands
Dialog, annotations: Annotations
Dialog, download: Download
Dialog, open: Open
Dialog, view style: View Style
Directional movement index: Directional Movement Index
DISPLAY: Invocation
Display: Display
Distribution: Copying
Dividends: Dividends
Dividends, adjustment: View Style
DMI: Directional Movement Index
DocBook manual: Installing
Documentation: Installing
Donchian channel: Donchian Channel
Donchian, Richard: Donchian Channel
Dorsey, Donald: MASS Index
Dorsey, Donald: Relative Volatility Index
Double exponential moving average: Double and Triple Exponential Moving Average
Double exponential moving average: MASS Index
Download: Download
Download, non-graphical: Invocation
DPO: Detrended Price Oscillator
Duesseldorf Stock Exchange: Yahoo Exchanges
DVI manual: Installing

Ease of movement: Ease of Movement
Edit alert levels: Annotations
Edit lines: Annotations
Edit/Annotations: Annotations
Edit/Viewstyle: View Style
EFI: Force Index
Ehlers, John: Fractal Adaptive Moving Average
Ehlers, John: Laguerre Filter
Ehlers, John: Median-Average Adaptive Filter
Ehlers, John: Centre of Gravity Oscillator
Ehlers, John: Fisher Transform
Elder bull/bear power: Elder Bull/Bear Power
Elder force index: Force Index
Elder, Alexander: Elder Bull/Bear Power
Elder, Alexander: Force Index
EMA: Exponential Moving Average
EMA of EMA: MASS Index
EMA period by Wilder: Exponential Moving Average
Emacs: Emacs
Endpoint moving average: Endpoint Moving Average
EPMA: Endpoint Moving Average
Escape: Annotations Emacs
Exponential moving average: Exponential Moving Average
Exponential moving average, regularized: Regularized Exponential Moving Average

Fast stochastics: Stochastics
Favourites list: Symbol Lists
File/Open: Open
Filter, Laguerre: Laguerre Filter
Filter, Median-average: Median-Average Adaptive Filter
Filter, vertical horizontal: Vertical Horizontal Filter
Finance::Quote: Finance Quote
Finance::Quote: Thrift Savings Plan
Finance::Quote::TSP: Thrift Savings Plan
Financial advice: Copying
Fisher transform: Fisher Transform
Force index: Force Index
Forecast oscillator: Forecast Oscillator
Forman, John: Average True Range
Fosback, Norman: Negative Volume Index
FOSC: Forecast Oscillator
FQ: Finance Quote
Fractal adaptive moving average: Fractal Adaptive Moving Average
Fractal, polarized efficiency indicator: Polarized Fractal Efficiency
FRAMA: Fractal Adaptive Moving Average
France: Yahoo Exchanges
Frankfurt Stock Exchange: Yahoo Exchanges
Funds, MLC: MLC Funds
Funds, TSP: Thrift Savings Plan
Futures, rollover: View Style

GAPO: Gopalakrishnan Range Index
General Public License: Copying
Genius Trader: Other Indicator Packages
Germany: Yahoo Exchanges
Germany: Yahoo Exchanges
Germany: Yahoo Exchanges
Germany: Yahoo Exchanges
Germany: Yahoo Exchanges
Germany: Yahoo Exchanges
Germany: Yahoo Exchanges
Germany: Yahoo Exchanges
Germany: Yahoo Exchanges
Getting started: Introduction
GMMA: Guppy Multiple Moving Average
gnome-help: Installing
GNU Bash: Invocation
GNU General Public License: Copying
Gopalakrishnan range index: Gopalakrishnan Range Index
Gopalakrishnan, Jayanthi: Gopalakrishnan Range Index
GPL: Copying
Graph: Main Window
Gtk: Installing
Gtk options: Invocation
Gtk2-Perl: Installing
Guppy multiple moving average: Guppy Multiple Moving Average

H: Annotations
Hamburg Stock Exchange: Yahoo Exchanges
Hanover Stock Exchange: Yahoo Exchanges
Help: Invocation
Historical list: Symbol Lists
HKEX: Yahoo Exchanges
HL, line style: View Style
HMA: Hull Moving Average
Hong Kong Stock Exchange: Yahoo Exchanges
Hosoda, Goichi: Ichimoku Kinko Hyo
HTML manual: Installing
https: Installing
Hull moving average: Hull Moving Average
Hutson, Jack: TRIX

Ichimoku kinko hyo: Ichimoku Kinko Hyo
Ichimoku Sanjin: Ichimoku Kinko Hyo
IMI: Intraday Momentum Index
Index, accumulation/distribution: Accumulation/Distribution
Index, accumulative swing: Accumulative Swing Index
Index, Chaikin money flow: Chaikin Money Flow
Index, commodity channel: Commodity Channel Index
Index, force: Force Index
Index, Gopalakrishnan range: Gopalakrishnan Range Index
Index, Intraday momentum: Intraday Momentum Index
Index, MASS: MASS Index
Index, money flow: Money Flow Index
Index, negative volume: Negative Volume Index
Index, R-Squared: R-Squared Index
Index, random walk: Random Walk Index
Index, relative strength: Relative Strength Index
Index, relative volatility: Relative Volatility Index
Index, True strength: True Strength Index
Index, Twiggs money flow: Twiggs Money Flow
Index, Ulcer: Ulcer Index
Index, Williams accumulation/distribution: Williams Accumulation/Distribution
India: Yahoo Exchanges
India: Yahoo Exchanges
India, National Stock Exchange: Yahoo Exchanges
Indicator: View Style
Indicator: View Style
Indicator packages: Other Indicator Packages
Indicator, zig zag: Zig Zag Indicator
Indicators: Indicators
Indonesia: Yahoo Exchanges
Inertia: Relative Volatility Index
Info manual: Installing
Installing: Installing
International Order Book: Yahoo Exchanges
Internationalization: Internationalization
Intraday: Intraday
Intraday momentum index: Intraday Momentum Index
Introduction: Introduction
Investment advice: Copying
Invocation: Invocation
IOB: Yahoo Exchanges
Italian Stock Exchange: Yahoo Exchanges

Jakarta Stock Exchange: Yahoo Exchanges

KAMA: Kaufman Adaptive Moving Average
Kaufman adaptive moving average: Kaufman Adaptive Moving Average
Kaufman, Perry J.: Kaufman Adaptive Moving Average
Keltner channel: Keltner Channel
Keltner, Chester W.: Keltner Channel
Kirshenbaum bands: Kirshenbaum Bands
Kirshenbaum, Paul: Kirshenbaum Bands
Klinger volume oscillator: Klinger Volume Oscillator
Klinger, Stephen J.: Klinger Volume Oscillator
KLSE: Yahoo Exchanges
KO: Klinger Volume Oscillator
Korea: Yahoo Exchanges
Korean Stock Exchange: Yahoo Exchanges
KOSDAQ: Yahoo Exchanges
Kroll, Stanley: Variable Index Dynamic Average
Kroll, Stanley: R-Squared Index
KRX: Yahoo Exchanges
Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange: Yahoo Exchanges
KVO: Klinger Volume Oscillator

Laguerre filter: Laguerre Filter
Lambert, Donald: Commodity Channel Index
Lane, George: Stochastics
LANG: Internationalization
Language: Internationalization
LANGUAGE: Internationalization
Language codes: Internationalization
Latest: Main Window
Least squares moving average: Endpoint Moving Average
Least squares, line: Linear Regression
License: Copying
License, data: Copying
Line style: View Style
Linear regression: Linear Regression
Linear regression slope indicator: Linear Regression
Lines: Annotations
Lisp: Emacs
load-path: Emacs
Locale selection: Internationalization
Localization: Internationalization
London Stock Exchange: Yahoo Exchanges
LSE: Yahoo Exchanges
LSQMA: Endpoint Moving Average

Madrid Stock Exchange Yahoo Exchanges
Main window: Main Window
Malaysia: Yahoo Exchanges
Manual: Installing
Martin, Peter: Ulcer Index
MASS index: MASS Index
Mean, quadratic: Ulcer Index
Mean, quadratic: Standard Deviation
Median, moving: Moving Median
Median-average adaptive filter: Median-Average Adaptive Filter
Message translations: Internationalization
Metals, spot prices: Yahoo Finance
Mexico Stock Exchange: Yahoo Exchanges
MFI: Money Flow Index
MLC Funds: MLC Funds
Modified moving average: Endpoint Moving Average
Momentum: Momentum and Rate of Change
Money Flow Index: Money Flow Index
Money flow, Chaikin: Chaikin Money Flow
Money flow, Twiggs: Twiggs Money Flow
Monthly: Main Window
Movement, Ease of: Ease of Movement
Moving average: Bollinger Bands
Moving average: Kirshenbaum Bands
Moving average convergence/divergence: MACD
Moving average, double exponential: Double and Triple Exponential Moving Average
Moving average, double exponential: MASS Index
Moving average, endpoint: Endpoint Moving Average
Moving average, exponential: Exponential Moving Average
Moving average, fractal adaptive: Fractal Adaptive Moving Average
Moving average, Guppy multiple: Guppy Multiple Moving Average
Moving average, Kaufman adaptive: Kaufman Adaptive Moving Average
Moving average, least squares: Endpoint Moving Average
Moving average, modified: Endpoint Moving Average
Moving average, regularized exponential: Regularized Exponential Moving Average
Moving average, simple: Simple Moving Average
Moving average, sine weighted: Sine Weighted Moving Average
Moving average, triangular: Triangular Moving Average
Moving average, triple exponential: Double and Triple Exponential Moving Average
Moving average, triple exponential: TRIX
Moving average, variable index dynamic: Variable Index Dynamic Average
Moving average, volume weighted: Volume Weighted Moving Average
Moving average, weighted: Weighted Moving Average
Moving average, zero-lag exponential: Zero-Lag Exponential Moving Average
Moving median: Moving Median
Munich Stock Exchange: Yahoo Exchanges

N: Open
Name translations: Internationalization
NASDAQ: Yahoo Finance
NASDAQ: Yahoo Exchanges
National Stock Exchange of India: Yahoo Exchanges
Negative volume index: Negative Volume Index
Netherlands: Yahoo Exchanges
New York Stock Exchange: Yahoo Finance
New York Stock Exchange: Yahoo Exchanges
New Zealand: Yahoo Exchanges
New Zealand Stock Exchange: New Zealand Stock Exchange
New Zealand Stock Exchange: Yahoo Exchanges
Normalized ATR: Average True Range
Norway: Yahoo Exchanges
Notes: Annotations
NSE: Yahoo Exchanges
NVI: Negative Volume Index
NYSE: Yahoo Finance
NYSE: Yahoo Exchanges
NZX: New Zealand Stock Exchange

OBV: On-Balance Volume
OHLC: Main Window
OHLC: View Style
OMF: Installing
On-balance volume: On-Balance Volume
Open: Open
Open metadata framework: Installing
OpenSSL: Installing
Options: Invocation
Oscillator, Chaikin: Chaikin Oscillator
Oscillator, detrended price: Detrended Price Oscillator
Oscillator, forecast: Forecast Oscillator
Oscillator, Klinger volume: Klinger Volume Oscillator
Oscillator, pretty good: Pretty Good Oscillator
Oscillators: Indicators
Oslo Bors: Yahoo Exchanges
Oslo Stock Exchange: Yahoo Exchanges
OTC: Yahoo Exchanges
OTC, Taiwan: Yahoo Exchanges
Other indicator packages: Other Indicator Packages
Over the Counter: Yahoo Exchanges

P: Open
Page-Down: Main Window
Page-Up: Main Window
Parabolic SAR: Parabolic SAR
Paris Stock Exchange: Yahoo Exchanges
PDF manual: Installing
Pee, M. H.: Trend Intensity Index
PFE: Polarized Fractal Efficiency
PGO: Pretty Good Oscillator
Polarized fractal efficiency: Polarized Fractal Efficiency
PostScript manual: Installing
Preferences, locale: Internationalization
Pretty good oscillator: Pretty Good Oscillator
Price and volume trend: Price and Volume Trend
PVT: Price and Volume Trend

QStick: QStick
Quadratic mean: Ulcer Index
Quadratic mean: Standard Deviation

R-squared index: R-Squared Index
Random walk index: Random Walk Index
Range expansion index: TD Range Expansion Index
Range Midpoint: Ichimoku Kinko Hyo
Rate of change: Momentum and Rate of Change
Ratio, volatility: Volatility Ratio
RBA: Reserve Bank of Australia
Redistribution: Copying
Regression coefficient: Linear Regression
Regularized exponential moving average: Regularized Exponential Moving Average
Regularized Momentum: Regularized Exponential Moving Average
Relative strength index: Relative Strength Index
Relative volatility index: Relative Volatility Index
REMA: Regularized Exponential Moving Average
REMA Momentum: Regularized Exponential Moving Average
Required software: Installing
Reserve Bank of Australia: Reserve Bank of Australia
ROC: Momentum and Rate of Change
Rollover: View Style
RSI: Relative Strength Index
RVI: Relative Volatility Index
RWI: Random Walk Index

Sanjin, Ichimoku: Ichimoku Kinko Hyo
Sao Paolo Stock Exchange: Yahoo Exchanges
Satchwell, Chris: Regularized Exponential Moving Average
Schwager, Jack: Volatility Ratio
Scroll: Main Window
Scrollkeeper: Installing
Select chart: Open
SES spreadsheet: Emacs
SGX: Yahoo Exchanges
Sharp, Joe: Endpoint Moving Average
Shift-Button-3: View Style
Shift-W: Main Window
Shift-Z: Main Window
Simple Emacs Spreadsheet: Emacs
Simple moving average: Simple Moving Average
Sine weighted moving average: Sine Weighted Moving Average
Sine-MA: Sine Weighted Moving Average
Singapore Stock Exchange: Yahoo Exchanges
site-lisp: Emacs
Slow stochastics: Stochastics
SMA: Simple Moving Average
Solid, line style: View Style
Sources, data: Data Sources
Spain: Yahoo Exchanges
Spain: Yahoo Exchanges
Spain: Yahoo Exchanges
Special Drawing Right: Reserve Bank of Australia
Splits: Dividends
Splits, adjustment: View Style
SSL: Installing
Standard deviation: Bollinger Bands
Standard deviation: Standard Deviation
Standard error: Kirshenbaum Bands
Standard error: Linear Regression
Stddev: Standard Deviation
Stochastic RSI: Relative Strength Index
Stochastics: Stochastics
Stock name translations: Internationalization
Stock splits, adjustment: View Style
Stockholm Stock Exchange: Yahoo Exchanges
Stop and reverse, parabolic: Parabolic SAR
Stuttgart Stock Exchange: Yahoo Exchanges
Style: View Style
Sweden: Yahoo Exchanges
Swiss Exchange: Yahoo Exchanges
SWX: Yahoo Exchanges
Symbol Lists: Symbol Lists

T3 moving average: T3 Moving Average
TA Lib: Other Indicator Packages
Taiwan OTC: Yahoo Exchanges
Taiwan Stock Exchange: Yahoo Exchanges
TD range expansion index: TD Range Expansion Index
TDREI: TD Range Expansion Index
TEMA: Double and Triple Exponential Moving Average
Ten-day moving average trading rule: Keltner Channel
TeX manual: Installing
Texinfo manual: Installing
Text notes: Annotations
thing-at-point: Emacs
Thousands character: Internationalization
Thrift Savings Plan: Thrift Savings Plan
Ticker: Ticker
Ticker, stand alone: Invocation
Ticker, stand alone: Invocation
TII: Trend Intensity Index
Time series forecast: Endpoint Moving Average
TMA: Triangular Moving Average
Tools/Cross: Cross
Tools/Download: Download
Toronto Stock Exchange: Yahoo Exchanges
Toronto Venture: Yahoo Exchanges
TR: True Range
Trade Weighted Index: Reserve Bank of Australia
Translations, messages: Internationalization
Trend intensity index: Trend Intensity Index
Trend lines: Annotations
Trendscore: Trendscore
Triangular moving average: Triangular Moving Average
Triple exponential moving average: Double and Triple Exponential Moving Average
Triple exponential moving average: TRIX
True range: Average True Range
True range: True Range
True strength index: True Strength Index
TSE: Yahoo Exchanges
TSF: Endpoint Moving Average
TSI: True Strength Index
TSP: Thrift Savings Plan
TSX: Yahoo Exchanges
TSX Venture: Yahoo Exchanges
Twiggs money flow: Twiggs Money Flow
Twiggs, Colin: Twiggs Money Flow

Ulcer index: Ulcer Index
Ultimate oscillator: Ultimate Oscillator
Update data: Download
User directory: Installing
UTF-8: Internationalization

Variable index dynamic average: Variable Index Dynamic Average
Variance: Bollinger Bands
Variance: Kirshenbaum Bands
Version: Invocation
Vertical horizontal filter: Vertical Horizontal Filter
VHF: Vertical Horizontal Filter
VIDYA: Variable Index Dynamic Average
View style: View Style
Virt-X Exchange: Yahoo Exchanges
Volatility ratio: Volatility Ratio
VOLR: Volatility Ratio
Volume weighted moving average: Volume Weighted Moving Average
Volume, on-balance: On-Balance Volume
Volume, price trend: Price and Volume Trend
VWMA: Volume Weighted Moving Average

W: Main Window
Warranty: Copying
Watch list: Watchlist
Weblink: Internationalization
Weekly: Main Window
Weighted moving average: Weighted Moving Average
White, Adam: Vertical Horizontal Filter
Wiener Borse: Yahoo Exchanges
Wilder EMA period: Exponential Moving Average
Wilder, J. Welles: Exponential Moving Average
Wilder, J. Welles: Parabolic SAR
Wilder, J. Welles: Accumulative Swing Index
Wilder, J. Welles: Average True Range
Wilder, J. Welles: Directional Movement Index
Wilder, J. Welles: Relative Strength Index
Williams %R: Williams %R
Williams accumulation/distribution: Williams Accumulation/Distribution
Williams, Larry: Ultimate Oscillator
Williams, Larry: Williams %R
Williams, Larry: Williams Accumulation/Distribution
Window, main: Main Window
WMA: Weighted Moving Average

XEmacs: Emacs
XEmacs UTF-8: Emacs
XETRA: Yahoo Exchanges
XML manual: Installing

Yahoo Finance: Yahoo Finance
Yelp: Installing

Z: Main Window
zero-lag exponential moving average: Zero-Lag Exponential Moving Average
Zig zag indicator: Zig Zag Indicator
ZLEMA: Zero-Lag Exponential Moving Average
Zoom: Main Window

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