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16.4 Reserve Bank of Australia

The RBA provides

The RBA web site is for personal non-commercial use, with proper attribution. See the full terms at the following link. (Material is to be used in “unaltered form”, but the bank advised a long time ago that import into a charting program is permitted.)

Available currencies can be found on the exchange rates page

In Chart symbols are ‘AUDXXX.RBA’ for the value of one Australian dollar in the currency ‘XXX’. Currently these are as follows

AUDCNY.RBAChinese renminbi
AUDJPY.RBAJapanese yen
AUDKRW.RBASouth Korean won
AUDSGD.RBASingapore dollar
AUDNZD.RBANew Zealand dollar
AUDGBP.RBAUK pound sterling
AUDMYR.RBAMalaysian ringgit
AUDIDR.RBAIndonesian rupiah
AUDINR.RBAIndian rupee
AUDTWD.RBATaiwanese dollar
AUDVND.RBAVietnamese dong
AUDPNK.RBAPapua New Guinea kina
AUDCHF.RBASwiss franc
AUDCAD.RBACanadian dollar
AUDPHP.RBAPhilippines peso

Plus the following for the RBA’s Trade Weighted Index for the Australian dollar, and the Australian dollar valued in the IMF’s Special Drawing Right basket of currencies.

AUDTWI.RBATrade Weighted Index
AUDSDR.RBASpecial Drawing Right

The historical data page has XLS files going back to 1983 (and monthly to 1969) but the code for that in Chart has bit-rotted and the CSV is about half the size. The server offers compressed downloads (see Installing).

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