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6.3 View Style

The Edit/Viewstyle dialog has options for the line style (OHLC, candles, etc), whether to adjust for stock splits (default yes), dividends (default no), and futures rollovers (default yes), and selections to enable various indicators.

Candlestick figures are shown in green for close above the open, or red for close below the open. This is instead of traditional hollow and solid, because hollow is hard to see when zoomed out to fit maximum data on the screen. If there’s no opening prices, candlesticks fallback to OHLC figures (just high/low and close). If there’s no high/low either, then candlesticks, OHLC and HL styles all fall back to a plain line.

Various averages (see Averages) or channels (see Channels and Boxes) can be applied in the main window, and an indicator (see Indicators) and an average (on it) in the lower window. The indicators have various parameters, like smoothing periods. For some closely related indicators the parameters are shared (eg. ADX and DMI), but most are independent for ease of tuning. The “Info” button at the right opens this manual at the selected indicator’s description.

Shift-Button-3 (ie. mouse Button-3 while the Shift key is held down) pops up a quick menu to change the indicator. On a two-button mouse Button-3 is usually the right button. The menu has a tearoff to keep it open for quick selection too. But parameter values can only be set from the Edit/Viewstyle dialog.

There’s just one global view style, applied to all charts viewed.

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