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13 Watchlist

The watchlist window shows latest quotes for stocks and commodities in the favourites list or other list. For example,

Symbol   Bid/Offer    Last  Change  High    Low   Volume When Notes
^GSPC        /      1237.81  8.68 1228.33 1237.81   19m  Thu
GM           /        34.91 -0.10   34.57   35.38 3.74m  Thu
BHP.AX  21.03/21.05   21.05  0.31   20.75   21.05   16m  10:45

The favourites list and other user lists can be edited. New symbols are added by entering a symbol in the text box and pressing Return or clicking “Insert”. If already present then the list scrolls to it. Move entries by dragging. Delete an entry by selecting it (click or space) and clicking the “Delete” button.

Clicking in the symbol column edits the symbol there. Double clicking in the other columns opens the main Chart display on that symbol. Mouse button-3 (usually the right-hand button) pops up a menu of other actions, including opening an intraday window (see Intraday).


The Refresh button downloads new quotes for the whole list, or the Refresh menu item for just that symbol. For some data sources Chart knows the trading times, and if there won’t be after hours changes then the quote locks to the end-of-day and is not re-downloaded until the next day.

Displayed List

The displayed list can be selected from a menu with Button-3 in the upper left notebook tab, where the current list name is displayed.

The “Symlists” tab shows the available lists. New lists can be created from there, or the names of existing user lists changed. Double clicking displays the list. Use the “Edit Name” button in the action area to change a name. The order of the lists controls how they appear in the Open dialog (see Open) and the sequence for Next and Prev in the main display. You can drag rows to re-order.


Each line is shown in green for a last trade higher than yesterday’s close, red for lower, or black unchanged. Blue means a refresh download is in progress.

Bid/Offer Column

The bid/offer column is normally shown as say ‘2.10/2.12’, but when the market is crossed (ie. bid higher than offer) an “x” is used to highlight this, for example ‘2.20x1.99’. What that means depends on the exchange, it might be a pre-open auction, or merely transient.

Volume Column

Volume is abbreviated ‘k’ for thousands, ‘m’ for millions, ‘b’ for billions. This is number of shares (or number of contracts), the same as shown in the main chart.

When Column

The “When” column shows just a time for today, just the day for the past week, or a full date prior to that. The timezone of the exchange is used. If the exchange is in your local zone then there’s no difference, but if you’re elsewhere then the exchange zone has the advantage that you can see where it is in the trading session, eg. early on, the close, etc. It’s easier to remember opening and closing times at the exchange than local equivalents (especially when daylight savings affects them).


Moving the mouse over an entry (and keeping it still) opens a tooltip box showing the stock name (if available), full date/times for the quote and last trade, and the exchange timezone location.

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