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16.6 Yahoo Finance

Yahoo provides the following for many stock exchanges around the world (see Yahoo Exchanges),

Yahoo does not allow commercial use, see the terms of service at

Chart uses the Yahoo stock symbol conventions. For US stocks (AMEX, Nasdaq, NYSE) this is just the exchange symbol like ‘AAPL’ for Apple Computer. Stocks from elsewhere are the exchange symbol and a suffix, like ‘BMW.DE’ for BMW on Xetra. See Yahoo Exchanges, below, for those supported in Chart. Yahoo has a symbol lookup on most pages (and at the country-specific sites),

Some currency cross-rates are available, they take a form like ‘AUDUSD=X’ for the value of one Australian dollar in US dollars. Some spot metals prices are available similarly, for example ‘XAUUSD=X’ for Gold in US dollars (but perhaps only quotes, not historical).

Yahoo gives some information on market closing times, but Chart doesn’t make use of that. A day’s trading is written as daily data at 6pm (in the exchange’s timezone). Before that the current day is a latest quote. Downloads are slightly overlapped so that if 6pm was too soon then its prices are replaced on a subsequent download.

Currently quotes are only the current day’s open/high/low/last in the manner of the historical data, so without bid/offer.

Currently splits are not handled properly. Yahoo supplies historical prices adjusted for subsequent splits, but the intention in Chart is to have original prices and adjust on display if desired. The effect in the database is to make a bit of a mess with new downloads having new splits and past downloads not.

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