ELPA Archive

This is an ELPA format archive of my various bits of Emacs Lisp. It can be used with M-x list-packages etc in Emacs by adding to your package-archives,

(eval-after-load "package"
  '(add-to-list 'package-archives
    '("user42" . "https://download.tuxfamily.org/user42/elpa/packages/")))

The archive-contents file (and .sig) is downloaded by M-x list-packages. This is a Lisp dump but is readable enough as text to look at what's available.

All packages are single files (currently) and are the same as the individual downloads on the various web pages. There are .sig files in the package archive for each which are the same as the .asc of the individual downloads. package.el in Emacs 25 up can check these and the contents sig against my key.

Some packages such as accjournal and xtide have separate full .tar.gz sources with examples, self-tests or Debian packaging bits. The single file is enough to use the code. aumix-mode.el is also in the GNU ELPA. It should be the same as here.

download.tuxfamily.org can be reached by ftp or rsync too if preferred, but suspect package.el only allows http or https. Could download everything and set package-archives to a local directory instead of URL if preferred.


Read more about package.el in the Emacs Lisp Packages section of the Emacs manual. See the GNU ELPA archive for the main default package-archives.

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