This is some old miscellaneous stuff.

as-simulate-i386 emulates selected newer i386 instructions, namely cmov, psadbw and some SSE2 like pmuludq. It allows code using those instructions to be tested on a chip which doesn't otherwise have them.

as-simulate-i386 (7k, and sig)
trident-1mb.diff was a bit for SVGAlib to recognise 1Mb of RAM in an old Trident 8900B card (a fairly basic non-accelerated SVGA). It never got accepted into the core, but give it a try if you've got one of these cards. The problem was svgalib believing the card has 2Mb when it's only got 1Mb (it's only got room for 1Mb). The symptom without the change is freaky half-screen jumping in for instance the gravitywars game (home page gone?).
trident-1mb.diff (1k, and sig)

The .asc is a Gnu PG ascii armoured signatures, generated from my key.

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