This is my miscellaneous Emacs bits collected up as a package for easy download and install, everything which doesn't otherwise have its own tar and deb. Each .el can be downloaded separately, but this is all in one plus generated autoloads (which enable the simplest things by default).

miscbits-el is free software (free as in freedom), published under the terms of the GNU General Public License (v3 or up).

Download version 183 here, either the source, or a Debian package from my repo.

miscbits-el-183.tar.gz (617k, and sig)
miscbits-el_183-0.1_all.deb (228k, and sig)

The sig files are Gnu PG ascii armoured signatures for each generated from my key. The Debian package has "Suggests" of packages sqlite3, and sqlite which are necessary if using sqlite-dump.el.

The .tar.gz has some "coming-soon" bits and some "unused" bits (of doubtful value). The coming-soon ranges from work in progress down to various personal functions and setup preferences.

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