gp-inline runs Pari/GP code and tests written inline in a document such as TeX or Perl POD (or even within program code). This helps guard against mistakes of arithmetic in a document. The various mathematical types and number theory in GP allows quite sophisticated mathematics to be checked alongside formulas.

... so two lots of 7 and three lots of 6 for total 32.
% GP-Test  2*7 + 3*6 == 32
The GP-Test line is a comment so ignored by TeX but gp-inline extracts it and runs it with GP. Various other comment prefixes are recognised too. Read more in the (19k, html).

gp-inline is free software (free as in freedom), published under the terms of the GNU General Public License (v3 or up). Download version 3 here, chmod it to executable for use. Requires Perl 5.6 up and IPC::Run.

gp-inline (34k, and sig)

Or for ease of install/remove as a .deb, and its source.

gp-inline_3-0.1_all.deb (26k, and sig)
gp-inline-3.tar.gz (47k, and sig)
The .deb, .tar.gz, and my ELPA archive all include an Emacs gp-inline.el to run tests or defines in a PariEmacs GP sub-process. See my packaged pariemacs for a .deb of PariEmacs.

The sig files are Gnu PG ascii armoured signatures, generated from my key.

See also PariGP at the Emacs Wiki.

This page Copyright 2015, 2016 Kevin Ryde, except for the GPLv3 logo which is Copyright Free Software Foundation and used here in accordance with its terms.

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