Debian Repo

This is a repo of Debian i386 packaged versions of my stuff for use with apt instead of individual downloads. The tree starts at, or see the tree listing.

Direct apt-get to the repo with the following line in your /etc/apt/sources.list file, then "apt-get update" to fetch the indexes.

deb user42 main other
Or ftp://download... or http://download... as desired.

The packages were built on an i386 somewhere between "testing" and "unstable" at release time, but recently not very up-to-date. All the Emacs things and most of the Perl are "all". There's an amd64 pool which has just those "all" packages. On other archs something like the following might work to take just the "all" packages (perhaps amd64 instead of i386, and new enough apt),

deb [arch=i386] user42 main other


Browse through the Packages files directly for all the contents,

main Packages
other Packages

The repo is signed with my key. The Release file etc has SHA256 digests signed by 4096R so should work with Apt circa 2016 refusing SHA-1 (due to whatever computing power or algorithms approaching the time when it could be no longer secure).

With recent Apt it may be necessary to tell it to trust my key or it won't even make packages available. This is pretty irritating but it's an end-to-end check. (Previously you could answer yes to "without verification" warnings, or apt-get --allow-unauthenticated.) One way is to copy my keyring file user42_kevin.gpg into directory /etc/apt/trusted.gpg.d/. But examine or verify first of course (gpg --list-keys, --list-sigs, etc). Read more in the apt-key and/or apt-secure man pages or the Debian wiki on SecureApt. You can always dpkg -i filename.deb individual files.

All of tuxfamily can be reached by https if desired. The HTTPS SSL certificate is from tuxfamily.

There's no source code in the repository. Sources are all in the main download area. Each .tar.gz contains a debian/ directory.


The "other" packages are things from elsewhere put into debs. No guarantees about the quality, security, etc, except they seem fine. The Perl packages are built with dh-make-perl except for the ones below. Data::Swap libdata-swap-perl 0.08 includes a patch from RT 117618 to work with perl 5.26.

The maintainer version in each package is "0.1" or "0.2" so if/when there's a packaged version in the Debian archive it'll be higher and so is hopefully preferred by apt etc.

libgt-perl (about 1.1Mb deb) is the Perl modules of Genius Trader made with the following debian/ dir. This package is enough for programming and for the Chart tie-ins. The Genius Trader scripts aren't in a deb here.

libgt-perl-debian-dir-0.0.20120930-0.1.tar (20k, and sig)

libfinance-ta-perl (about 265kb deb) is the Perl interface of TA-Lib SVN snapshot made with the following debian/ dir. The deb has a static linked copy of the TA library per its usual build so there's no separate C library deb. It debian dir uses tmake to fix up some rules in the sources. Not sure tmake is in current Debian, but an old deb of it is ok.

libfinance-ta-perl-debian-dir-1562-0.3.tar.gz (4k, and sig)

libpngwriter0c2 and libpngwriter0-dev are copied from as they're no longer in the Debian archive. Both use libpng12. The libpng12-dev is no longer current, but the binary is ok.

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