M-x checkdoc-batch runs Emacs "checkdoc" over a buffer, producing a report of things found instead of going through them interactively.

foo.el:1:1: There is no first line summary! Add one?
foo.el:26:2: There is no ;;; Code: marker. Insert one?
foo.el:1:15: White space at end of line. Remove?
It can be used on the current buffer in M-x compile style, or from the command line with script emacs-checkdoc-batch to check many files. The idea is that it can be friendlier to see a list of the problems, especially if checking multiple files.

checkdoc-batch.el is free software (free as in freedom), published under the terms of the GNU General Public License (v3 or up).

Download version 8 here,

And the short script to run it from the command line if desired,

The sig files are a Gnu PG ascii armoured signatures generated from my key.

el-get includes a checkdoc-batch.rcp install recipe.

See also checkdoc-autoload.el, checkdoc-keywords.el and checkdoc-url-buttonize.el.

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