This is a modified version of the Debian dlocate program, adding shell-style glob wildcards to most of the operations. dlocate 1.0 has regexps, but for file related things shell wildcards are much better.

(This code is almost certainly suffering some bit-rot, so use with caution, and dpkg is no longer as slow as it once was, so the whole should be no longer necessary.)

Download dloc here,

dloc.txt (6k, and sig)
dloc.cron.daily.txt (2k, by Craig Sanders)

The sig is a Gnu PG ascii armoured signature generated from my key.

dloc.cron.daily is a copy of update-dlocatedb from dlocate 0.5. Put it in your /etc/cron.daily directory (see anacron) to create and freshen the database.

(Of course none of this would be needed at all if dpkg wasn't so horrendously slow ... a case study in why a text file is not a database.)


This is spot of code for bash to get "tab" completion for dlocate and dloc. Package names for -L etc are completed, and the various options themselves. It can be used standalone, or together with the bash completions project (Debian bash-completions package).

dlocate.bash (3k, and sig)

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