Filter::gunzip is a Perl source code filter which lets you run gzip compressed Perl source files directly (ie. without first gunzipping),

perl -MFilter::gunzip
or even Perl code in a self-uncompressing script or module, if such a thing seemed like a good idea
use Filter::gunzip;
... raw gzipped bytes

Filter-gunzip is free software (free as in freedom), published under the terms of the GNU General Public License (v3 or higher).

Download version 8 here, the full source here or from CPAN, or a Debian package here or from my repo.

Filter-gunzip-8.tar.gz (143k, and sig)
libfilter-gunzip-perl_8-0.3_i386.deb (18k, and sig)
libfilter-gunzip-perl_8-0.1_all.deb (16k, and sig)

The i386 is built with the XS which is good for running code using __DATA__. The all is built without and is suitable for all archs, including i386 if you have a different Perl version etc. The all is included in the amd64 part of the repo. The sources include a debian/ to force building the deb without XS.

The sig files are Gnu PG ascii armoured signatures generated from my key. There's a SIGNATURE file inside the .tar.gz for cpansign too. Older sources can be found at backpan (big).

See also my compile-command-default.el which will use Filter::gunzip, among other approaches, to run a .pl.gz script in Emacs.

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