Genius Trader

This is a Debian package of the Perl modules from Genius Trader. This suits programming, and my Chart tie-ins. The Genius Trader scripts aren't packaged here.

Download version 0.0.20120930-0.2 package here or from my repo (under "other"),

geniustrader_0.0.20120930-0.2_all.deb (783k, and sig)

The .orig.tar.gz source is a subversion snapshot on the date shown as the version number. It and the debian diff are in the sources part of my repo (ready for apt-get source libgt-perl etc if desired).

libgt-perl_0.0.20120930.orig.tar.gz (376k)
libgt-perl_0.0.20120930-0.2.diff.gz (2k)
libgt-perl_0.0.20120930-0.2.dsc (2k, internal sig of self, diff, orig)

The sig file is a Gnu PG ascii armoured signature generated from my key. The .dsc is signed likewise (for say dscverify).

The version number is intended to be smaller than something real if there's a release etc. Don't know the present status.

The diff includes minor patches for the Perl circa 5.28 incompatible change to defined @array. GT used that for default args from a class variable if such a variable exists. That's usually not an ideal way to do such a thing, but it's pretty poor when Perl goes out of its way to break things that worked (albeit under caveats).

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