geoupload uses Perl WWW::Mechanize to to upload files to your Geocities web site through the file manager web interface. Basically it automates the clicking and typing you otherwise have to do with a browser. Read more in the (7k, html).

Except Geocities is gone, so geoupload is now useless, except perhaps as an example of scripting some stuff with Mechanize.

geoupload is free software (free as in freedom), published under the terms of the GNU General Public License (v3 or up).

Download version 9 here, either just the script, or the full source, or a Debian package here or from my repo.

geoupload (23k, and sig)
geoupload_9-1_all.deb (13k, and sig)
geoupload-9.tar.gz (11k, and sig)

chmod +x to make the script executable for use. The sig files are Gnu PG ascii armoured signatures generated from my key. There's a SIGNATURE file inside the .tar.gz for cpansign too.

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