I've made some Image-Base uploads, extending Mark Summerfield's original. Past versions can be found at backpan under my dir and Mark Summerfield's dir.

And some extras in a separate,

Then some subclasses to point Image::Base code at big drawing libraries, on-screen windows, etc.

It started with PNGwriter and GD as ways to generate PNG in a common style and avoid the oddities of each module, then got a bit carried away.

Other Image::Base modules include

The primitives in Image::Base are quite limited, but if a few lines and boxes are all you need then these modules mean you don't have to wrestle each library, or can let the user choose what's easiest to install, etc.

Here's some comparison notes if choosing among the various Perl image drawing modules,

Support for nitty gritty details in the file formats tends to be a bit variable. Support for text comments etc in images is usually very limited, which is bad if you want to preserve or add copyright notices etc in a file. ExifTool is good for text parts, but even it may sometimes applies its own ideas of canonicalizing info parts, and its version 8.60 doesn't support Perl 5.8 wide-chars. pngtextadd is a simple way to add text comments into to PNG images after drawing.

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