This is a Debian package of TA-Lib's Perl interface (SWIG, module name Finance::TA). This suits programming, and my Chart tie-ins.

Download version 0.4.0~svn1562-0.5 package here or from my repo (under "other"),

libfinance-ta-perl_0.4.0~svn1562-0.6_i386.deb (275k, and sig)

The package was made with an SVN snapshot ta-lib-code-1562-trunk.zip (about 19mbytes, dating from circa 2014) from the TA-Lib web site, and the following debian/ dir.

libfinance-ta-perl-debian-dir-1562-0.6.tar.gz (4k, and sig)

The sig files are Gnu PG ascii armoured signatures generated from my key.

tmake is used to fix some build rules in the TA sources. tmake is no longer in Debian, but a past version such as 1.8-1.1 works. A copy of that i386 version is in my repo.

The resulting deb file has a static linked copy of the TA library. The static link is per TA-Lib's interface build rules, and haven't taken the trouble to try for say a separate C library package (and C development package).

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