This is a build of the tvtwm window manager for Debian. The binary is for recent i386, but the source ought to compile on other archs.

Download version 11-0.3 binary here or from my repo (under "other"),

tvtwm_11-0.3_i386.deb (146k, and sig)

The "pl11" original source can be found at either

NetBSD pkgsrc archive

The deb diff is in the sources part of my repo (ready for apt-get source tvtwm if desired),

tvtwm_11-0.3.diff.gz (5k)
tvtwm_11-0.3.dsc (2k, internal sig of self, diff, orig)

The sig file is a Gnu PG ascii armoured signature generated from my key. The .dsc is signed likewise (for say dscverify).

The diff includes a patch to exit cleanly on SIGTERM etc, avoiding a 100% CPU infinite loop which can occur under Xcb versions of Xlib if attempting server interaction in the signal handler itself. Otherwise the only source changes are to tweak a declaration for gcc, and a header for bison. There's some notes in the README.Debian on dubious bits.

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